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We select appropriate financing partners and negotiate loan agreements with outstanding conditions. In addition to bank financing, we also arrange loans with pension funds as well as life and health insurance companies.

Successful loan negotiations are the result of clearly coordinated work processes, proper timing and market competition.

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Find out more about current trends and put today's interest rate levels in historical perspective.

In our chart module, you can track the development of indicative capital market interest rates over the last ten years - in addition to the current indications.

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As an independent brokerage company, DIMA GmbH is specialized in residential and commercial property financing. We also consult in financial topics and assist with selling or buying a property.

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Our Account Manager, financing specialists and the management are at your disposal. The financing specialists have long-term experience in negotiation and placement of financings. In the processing of your financing, they are supported by assistances.

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Take a look at a few selected properties, for which DIMA has been involved in the financing. The properties are listed by locations and building uses.

Use our app to calculate the effective interest rate, nominal interest rate or payout rate to compare your condition offers. 


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