Current capital market information

Below you can see the data1 of the MID-SWAP rates (depending on the maturity) on the basis of the 6-month Euribor. These indications apply exclusively to interbank business. 

Last Update: 23.04.2024

1 Y3,6612 Y3,295
3 Y3,0904 Y2,964
5 Y2,8856 Y2,841
7 Y2,8168 Y2,804
9 Y2,80110 Y2,804
11 Y2,81012 Y2,817
15 Y2,82320 Y2,746

Interest rate development

From the interest rate archive2, you can compare the curve of the interest rate indicators for loans, the MID-SWAP based on the 6-month Euribor, depending on the term of the fixed interest rate. 

Time span

The MID swap data displayed on this website is a reproduction of DekaBank data. Please note that this information should not be construed as an investment recommendation and does not constitute an offer or invitation to bid, buy or sell. This information cannot replace personal advice. 

DIMA and DekaBank do not assume any liability or guarantee for the up-to-dateness, accuracy and completeness of the data provided on this website. The content and structure of this website are protected by copyright. Reproduction of this data and graphics requires the prior permission of the copyright holder DekaBank and may not be used for commercial purposes. We would like to thank DekaBank for providing the data. 

1 The data mentioned here are updated on our site with a delay during trading hours. 

2 The daily mid-swap rates given here were recorded without a fixed time during the respective day. Thus, there was no fixed daily fixing of rates. On days when no mid-swap rates were determined for technical or organisational reasons, they are omitted here in the chart.

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